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Personal, team and job suitability profilingD.I.S.C. profiles help create harmonious teamsD.I.S.C. profiles, understand yourself and others.

D.I.S.C. personality profile for individuals, teams, job suitability  

D.I.S.C. Personal profiles are an ideal tool that help individuals, teams and recruiters understand themselves.  Personal, team and job suitability profiling.


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How can a D.I.S.C.profile help me?

WWith a D.I.S.C.Profile you will:


  • Improve your job satisfaction by working better with your Team members.
  • Get more output from your staff by having a more harmonious Team.
  • Improve your ability to communicate and motivate your Team as you will understand what drives them as individuals.
  • Learn to recognize other people’s style which will help you with your selling technique.

There are several ways:

  1. Understanding your own behaviour allows you to recognize when it is appropriate to adapt your behaviour to improve your relationships in the work environment or at a personal level.

  2. Recognising other people’s Style of Behaviour improves your leadership as it allows you to motivate others better.

  3. Understanding D.I.S.C. profiles improves selling techniques and communication.

  4. The Profiles are a great help in recruiting the right person for a job.


How are the Profiles generated?


The reports are computer generated.


How much time should be allowed to complete the questionnaire?


The questionnaire should be completed in about 10 minutes .. the objective is for the candidate to go with their gut reaction, rather than analyze the questions too much.


When completing the questionnaire, should you be focused on a work environment or a home environment?


When using D.I.S.C. for businesses ... the candidate should be focusing on the work environment .. they need to think of situations where they feel they are at their best and doing a great job (this helps uncover their motivating forces).


What is the difference between the Internal and External Profiles?


The Internal Profile is generated from your least responses and describes your natural behaviour. The External profile shows how you adapt to situations and other people’s requirements.


Do we always have the same profiles?


It is possible for a person to have different profiles at home as compared to work. For instance you might be a 'D' in your job and an 'S' with the family. People also change with time. Your environments have a strong influence on your behaviours .. the D.I.S.C. profile is about behavioural style rather than personality.


What happens when I am placed under pressure?


Under pressure people usually revert to their natural behaviour – the Internal Profile – as they won’t have the energy to adopt or mask their behaviour in the stressful situation.


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