"Helping people understand themselves & others
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Personal, team and job suitability profilingD.I.S.C. profiles help create harmonious teamsD.I.S.C. profiles, understand yourself and others.

D.I.S.C. personality profile for individuals, teams, job suitability  

D.I.S.C. Personal profiles are an ideal tool that help individuals, teams and recruiters understand themselves.  Personal, team and job suitability profiling.


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An essential recruiting tool.  Create self understanding & productive teams using DISC profiles. Behaviour, attitude & role analysis, personal style.7 Reasons why you should choose Great Attitude Ltd to supply your DISC Behavioural Profiles …

  1. You get a fast and efficient turnaround time

  2. Where ever possible urgent requests are processed immediately

  3. Data entry is verified scrupulously to ensure your responses are inputted correctly

  4. You’ll receive FREE advice on queries surrounding your reports by our professionally trained staff

  5. You can invest in a personal telephone consultation to develop your mastery of the DISC system

  6. You can make easy payments by credit card

  7. You’ll get awesome personal service from our friendly and helpful team


Here’s why you need to use a DISC Behavioural Profile tool in your business….


You can be more effective when you understand how and why you react in certain ways in different circumstances.
By understanding the needs of others and what motivates them you can be a more effective leader, team player or salesperson.
When you maximize the strengths and compensate for the weaknesses in individuals you can create a more productive team.
If you hire the right people for the right job based on the behavioural style required for that job, you will reduce employment and training costs.
When you communicate with others on their ‘wavelength’ you will create a harmonious work environment with less stress.




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